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Mr. Unavailable (and My Unfortunate Attraction)

I clearly have a “type.” If I’ve learned anything since I started dating 18 months ago, it’s that. He’s typically tall. Handsome. Witty/funny. Loves music. And (probably the most defining characteristic) he’s emotionally unavailable. Hell, he could be short and bald with no personality or talent and if he’s emotionally unavailable, I’d probably be attracted. I think I just described George Costanza, […]

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My Date With the Fatty

Before you get all judgy and indignant about the fact that I’m calling my date a fatty, let me be clear: I’m not using the term to describe his physical appearance. I’m using it to describe his eating habits, at least on the evening we had dinner together. And really, this is a story that’s more about how stupid I was than […]

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The Importance of Being Single

Three years ago this month, I ended my last relationship. It was a fiery hot toxic one that had lasted close to five long dysfunctional years, and it took all the strength and chutzpa I could muster to kick, scratch and claw my way out of it. I should never have gotten into it, but I’m chalking that up to post-divorce bad judgment. If […]

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