About Me

Retro woman20 years of marriage. 4 kids. 1 divorce. 40+ trips around the sun–and counting.

And here I am. Dating, like I’m 16 again. It’s not the way I would have written the script for my life, but I’m embracing it with all the exuberance I can muster. Reality is stranger–and more creative–than fiction. So at least I can say, my life is . . . interesting.

If you’ve ever started over, you know that dating and relationships the second time around are complicated, with lessons to re-learn, baggage to unload and douche bags to kiss.

This place is where shit gets real. Stories get told. Life gets messy. And hopefully, you get to laugh at me and the insanity I’ve encountered as I’ve dipped my toes back into the dating pool post-divorce. And I get to write about it all. It’s my therapy. Cheaper than a shrink and way more fun. At least, I hope you think so.

Have a glass of wine and read a while. It’ll make you feel better about your life. Promise.

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