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“Do You Wanna Bang in a Barn?”

When it comes to dating, sometimes I think I’ve seen/heard/eye-rolled it all. I’ve been at this single gal party for about four years now. I’ve written about unsolicited cock shots and texting douche-baggery and men who play, manipulate, abuse, ghost, lie, send me to strip clubs and jack off on the first date (true story, bro). Sometimes I’ve ended up […]

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Five Nights at Mo’s

There’s a bar in my neighborhood called Mo’s. In fact, it’s the only bar in my hood. It’s a cute bar, circular in shape, conducive for conversations with strangers. I’m hooked on their taco salads (sauce on the side), consistent with my vodka sodas (Tito’s with three orange slices, please) and crushing on the hot bartender with the bad boy vibe. If you’ve read my […]

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Suck It, 2016

I’m a pretty upbeat girl. I’m not a big complainer. I believe that life is glorious. I tend to see the glass as half-full (and I’m capable of pouring more vino if it’s not). And I have become adept at picking myself up, dusting my LulaRoe leggings off, and moving on after a messy fall. And then there was 2016. I’ve been dating for three years now, after […]

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Shit Talk

One of the most fundamental truths we must all learn as we cross the threshold from adolescence to adulthood is this: Everyone has to own their own shit. There’s this simple-yet-elusive concept called “taking responsibility” that some of us grasp sooner than later, and others, never at all. But a word to the wise: If you try to venture into a relationship with […]

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Sex Hangover

Sex with an ex is never a good idea. At least that’s what I’d heard. But I’m stubborn and 9 times out of 10 I have to learn the hard way, so when an “ex sex” opportunity came up, I had to take it. Because that’s what you do when you think you can prove those Cosmo and Glamour articles wrong. […]

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