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The Hot Cop and the Bikini Bar

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Love this quote from Maya Angelou–and it seems especially appropriate when navigating your way through the World of Dating. My tendency, however, is to believe them and then believe that I can change them. Especially when it comes to players. I met one such player online–a cop–and we chatted for […]

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The Little Date That Couldn’t

I have a love/hate relationship with online dating. Mostly, I hate it. But the part I love is where I get to write and chat with people via texts and messages. It’s fun, interesting and right up my word-filled alley. Witty banter is my favorite, and I’m always excited when I meet a dude who can hang with my smart assiness. Aaron could. […]

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That Time I Was a Cougar

I have always dated younger men. For 20 years, I was married to a younger man. After that, I got involved with another younger man. Even in high school, I dated younger boys. Why? No clue. Maybe it’s a sign of my maturity level. Maybe I’m young for my age. Yes–pretty sure that’s it. Or maybe it’s my way of rebelling […]

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